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Top Freelance Websites In Nigeria You Should Join Now

Freelance Websites In Nigeria


Top Freelance Websites In Nigeria You Should Join Now

In this article, I will be listing some few freelance websites in Nigeria with job availability. These sites have readily available jobs for Nigerians with the right skills for the right candidate.

Many people have been wondering that freelancing may actually be the way forward when it comes to getting a job that gives freedom, jobs that you name your own price and above all, jobs you can do without you working directly under any boss. Yes! that’s just it!

Here are the list of Freelance websites in Nigeria that give you those benefits as a freelancer:

1. Ni-Lance

Ni-Lance is a pretty cool freelance website, it has all features you might want either as a freelancer or as an employer looking to hire a freelancer.

Ni-Lance offers freelance jobs in business support, advertising, events management, staffing, computer programming and many more.

Wherever you are in your freelancing career or whatever your level of experience, Ni-Lance is most likely to have jobs for you.

It’s is very secure! Registration is easy.  Interesting thing is that you get your payments instantly and directly to your bank account


Asuqu is Nigeria marketplace for creative and professional services. Asuqu connects creatives and professionals with prospective customers in Africa, helping to remove the traditional barriers to innovation, empowerment and entrepreneurship.

Asuqu SME is one of Asuqu’s service that focuses specifically on SME’s. The service offers small businesses a unique and cheap pricing for services such as graphic design, social media marketing and content marketing.

3. FindWorka

As described on the website, Findworka is an online marketplace for digital services and gigs, where customers find and connect with diverse qualified freelance experts in Africa in the most affordable, timely and secure manner.

Launched in May 2016, Findworka has over one thousand freelancers onboard ranging from Web Developers, Graphics Designer, Content Developer etc.

4. Jo-Lancer

Jolancer is serving as a dedicated platform for skilled Nigerian youths to register their profiles and bid for projects in their line of expertise(skills), and as a platform for project owners (clients) to find qualified freelancers for their projects thereby, reducing their expenses on particular projects.

Jolancer is developed to bridge the gap between Freelancers and Project Owners/ Contractors/ Clients in Nigeria. The good thing is that there is a possibility for a freelancer to eventually get a full-time job with the client company. Thanks to Jolancer.

5. SourceGig
In reality, is designed for local freelancers and job posting clients; given clients to post jobs and at the same time, freelancers can lookup the job posted.

As a freelance marketplace, has jobs for content developers, graphics design jobs and many more.

There you go! Listed above are the Freelance Websites In Nigeria.

You might want to try all, but I personally recommend Ni-Lance for you. Secure and get your payments instantly and directly to your bank account

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