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#5kbae who has been caught on twitter defrauding Nigerians before, apologizes for his latest scam, reveals why he did it


#5kbae who has been caught on twitter defrauding Nigerians before, apologizes for his latest scam, reveals why he did it

Y’all remember the Twitter user, Pablo Ayodeji who was called out by a lady he went on a date with who later refunded him the money spent on the date which created the popular hashtag #5kbae?

Well, he has been caught for the second time trying to defraud unsuspecting Nigerians on Twitter.

According to the information we gathered on Twitter, Pablo created a fake twitter account, nuellaa_ag and tweeted that ‘she’ recently lost her job and won’t be able to enjoy the holidays because of financial issues. She shared a Wema bank account number soliciting for help from Tweeps.

Some of the well-meaning Nigerians who decided to help her found out the account number she shared belonged to Pablo Ayodeji. To confirm their findings, they dug up the old tweets where the lady who paid him back their date money shared his account details.

Seeing that he’d been busted, Pablo collected the account details of his friend’s sister to continue the scam but was busted again.

It was also revealed that Pablo Ayodeji has tried to scam Nigerians using the Nuella_ag account in the past with a photo of a white woman he claimed was his sister and said she had cancer. It was later discovered that he lifted the photo from an old go-fund me account belonging to another person.

Pablo has taken to the twitter to ‘apologize’ for the crimes saying that he is ready to face the consequences and revealed the reasons for his actions,

However, he later said that he is only apologizing because his lawyer advised him to do so and that no one will be able to find him if he doesn’t want to be found. See all the tweets below…

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