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Between Bovi And A Fan Who Asked Him For Money For His Child’s Naming Ceremony


Between Bovi And A Fan Who Asked Him For Money For His Child’s Naming Ceremony

Bovi is tackling a fan who asked him for money for his child’s naming ceremony!

The Nigerian comedian replied the social media beggar in a matured way after he asked for money for his child’s naming ceremony! Here’s what transpired;

“Good morning Baba, please I need a help. My wife gave birth last week Thursday. Tomorrow is the naming and I don’t have a dime for the ceremony. Please help!!!
God bless you baba”


“@femijames9999 homeboy, when you were pushing that baby forth through copulation, you didn’t have to spend. Why should you spend to give the child a name? So if you don’t do the naming ceremony, the child’s name will not be registered? Or the people you fail to entertain will refuse to call the child by name? If you don’t have now, you can always wait till you have. It is not written anywhere that the ceremony is a must or is time bound”


“@officialbovi Baba, thank you so much for that. Life is like a ladder, help those you meet on your way to the top. No one knows tomorrow. But I will never pray for your down fall. God bless you, IJN”


“@femijames9999 you have already prayed for my downfall. ? but I pray for your “upfall”. Sex and the proceeds thereof are your responsibility especially for naming ceremony.”

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